IAIN MACHELL   Drawings and Sculpture
Root Ball 5Compatible InsertionEasy DeleteLandscape ChildUnderwater Drawing 1Underwater Drawing 2Chemical Nerve AgentSecurityGOODLIMPFREEHold For Digital PhotoVerify ContentsDon't EverYES PLEASEIntimacyForm & EmptinessRejected ReplacedNo Means NoLevel 2 GatesEnvision the FutureBasic PlanSpecify Emotions4 or 5 menSilent Odorless OperationEXITSBunker A SecurityHelpMother & ChildTargetOxygenNot AgainON/ OFFERRORRESCUERange of MotionA to BPush PullBefore & AfterLocked/UnlockedHeatExitsFilling/BleedBrace For ImpactNever UseYou've Never Seen Anything Like MeMakes Me InvisibleExit ADe-Icing & Oil Tank DrainBetter Protection Or MobilityEnhancing Deminer SafetySRS-5Buffer ZoneArea PredictorDeployment TrackDecontamination VehicleLanding AreaMunitions BunkersStandby Mode Off 2Standby Mode Off 1Locked UnlockedIMPACTEXITTargetSite Drawing (Ave.A &11th. St.Site Drawing (Huron St.)Site Drawing (Green St.)Growing Pains (Stones, Saloot)Growing Pains (Dad, Camel, Symbol Stone)Growing Pains (Venus, Mum)Growing Pains (Dad, Cowboy)Growing Pains (Warrior, Horses, Camels)Growing Pains (3 Hunters, 3 Mums)Growing Pains (Cross, Bombers, Battleships)Growing Pains (Me, Horses & Hounds)Growing Pains (Warrior, Train)9.11 Postcard19.11 Postcard 29.11 Postcard 39.11 Postcard 49.11 Postcard 59.11 Postcard 69.11 Towers 19.11 Towers 29.11 Towers 39.11 Towers 49.11 Towers 59.11 on Sixth. Ave.Untitled (Mill House)
Drawings Pre-2011
Drawings are a primary investigation and allow images and text, form and surface, to get together in the sand box and play until somebody calls them in for their tea. They can stand alone or work in groups, revealing an ongoing dialogue that I am compelled to take part in.