IAIN MACHELL   Drawings and Sculpture
Bark 5Bark 4Bark 1Rocks 14Rocks 12Rocks 11Rocks 10Rocks 7Rocks 6Rocks 5Rocks 4Rocks 3Rocks 1Waterfall1Waterfall 3Waterfall 5Waterfall 8Fissure 30Fissure 14Fissure 5Fissure 3Fissure 2Fissure 1Sketch 17Sketch 15Sketch 14Sketch 12Sketch 10Hemlock 1Hemlock 3Root Ball 1Root Ball 2Root Ball 2 detailRoot Ball 3Root Ball 4Root Ball 5Root Ball 10Terra Interruptus 1Terra Interruptus 2Terra Interruptus 1, 2 & 3 Terra Interruptus 8Terra Interruptus 9Installation shot of the Terra Interruptus seriesInstallation of Terra Interruptus drawing seriesTerra Interruptus 14Terra Interruptus 15Terra Interruptus 20Terra Interruptus 28Terra Interruptus 53Terra Interruptus 55Terra Interruptus 62Terra Interruptus 72Terra Interruptus 78Terra Interruptus 79Terra Interruptus 80Terra Interruptus 83Terra Interruptus 91Terra Interruptus 100Terra Interruptus 102Untitled (Terra Interruptus Series)Untitled/ Terra Interruptus SeriesUntitled/ Terra Interruptus SeriesSUBLIMERight Place, Wrong TimeRiver Bed 1River Bed 2River Bed 3River Bed 4River Bed 5 detailRiver Bed 5Scotland
Drawings 2011& Beyond
The 2 main themes running throughout British art are the human figure and landscape, and that's my cultural legacy. These drawings mark a delightful return to landscape themes and a chance to doff my cap to some influences: Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash, Samuel Palmer, Turner & Constable.
This is a sample- there are many more works not displayed here.