IAIN MACHELL   Drawings and Sculpture
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Photos & Video
I use my camera like a sketchbook, but once in a while a photographic idea steps forward and says "I'm done, leave me alone".
How do I know that I see what you can see? Unlike the camera, the human eye selects, sorts and interprets in split seconds. There is an after-effect, or after-image, every time your eye is activated and challenged with new visual information. This is a visual residue we are not usually aware of, a visual and emotional leftover that stays with us whether we are aware of it or not. Clarity of vision is in doubt. Photographic reality is a frozen moment and only one kind of viewing.
The image itself is an illusion- 3-Dimensional infinity is flattened onto a 2-Dimensional surface and the integrity of that illusion is dissolving.
My purpose for this photographic investigation stems from:
1. An attempt to use the camera as a drawing tool, as an extension of my hand, only instead of pencil marking paper this is a machine manipulating light .
2. A passion to explore the extremes of landscape: immediate/ timeless, liquid/ solid, hard/ soft, wet/ dry, light/ dark, growing/ decaying, vast/ tiny, pretty/ ugly, threatening/ threatened.
3. A visual reaction to the idyllic, romanticized landscape paintings of the Hudson River School. Platte Clove was a favourite location of these artists and I chose it deliberately to rattle their cages.