IAIN MACHELL   Drawings and Sculpture
Rocks 12
Ink and gouache on paper
6"h x 12"w
All of these drawings were made during or shortly after an Artists Residency in July 2015 at the Platte Clove Preserve, Catskill Center, in the Catskill Mountains in NY State.
Platte Clove is an ominous ravine, a break in the Catskill Escarpment created during the last Ice Age as meltwater eroded its way through from the Catskill Plateau to the Hudson River below.
The raw beauty of Platte Clove appealed to the Hudson River School painters who found content for their romanticized view of nature that contradicted the rise of industrialization.
I see Platte Clove as an arena for drama, the stage for a number of contradictions: IMMEDIATE/ TIMELESS, LIQUID/ SOLID, HARD/ SOFT, WET/ DRY, LIGHT/ DARK, GROWING/ DECAYING, VAST/ TINY, PRETTY/ UGLY, THREATENING/ THREATENED. My drawings are direct responses to these extremes of landscape and go beyond beauty to see what is beneath.
As an expatriate Briton I call upon the legacy of British landscape artists: the gothic drama of the late drawings and paintings of J.M.W. Turner, the dark landscapes of John Piper and Graham Sutherland.
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