IAIN MACHELL   Drawings and Sculpture
“Buffer Zone” Site-Specific sculpture, Permanent Collection of SUNY Ulster, NY
blue Limestone, hand-carved letters & diagrams
15' x 4'
“Buffer Zone” is a site-specific sculpture created especially for the campus at SUNY Ulster in upstate NY. A long-standing interest in making drawings of the landscape has now turned into a desire to make drawings in the landscape, in this case by drawing in stone with chisels on a 10’ long vertical stone surface.
Historically standing stones have been erected by various civilizations and incised with letters and designs to indicate places of importance or ritual, offer warnings, and to memorialize life and death. In “Buffer Zone” I am carving into standing stones to explore the concept of the strained relationship between landscape and human nature, of landscape being a place that is both threatening and under threat, a place that is suspicious and potentially hiding danger and secrets, a concept that is heightened by recent world events. This ongoing exploration combines the traditional craft of letter-cutting with the use of contemporary warfare and security graphics, signage and military advertising.
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