IAIN MACHELL   Drawings and Sculpture
"Bedbook 3", Site-Specific Installation at the Islip Art Museum, Long Island
bedsheets, rust, video, audio
variable dimensions
"Bedbook 3" continues the use of objects as surrogates for the human body (the bed and bedsheets), and the concept of the book to present a narrative of the human condition (the video screen and bedsheets as surfaces that function as pages). "Bedbook 3" uses domestic intimacy as a springboard for exploring the breakdown of relationships. A video monitor embedded in the centre of the bed presents shapes that are struggling to connect and be whole, conjures up restless dreams, and mocks the sense of security that such a resting place might promise. The bedsheets, stained with the rusted imprints of these incomplete shapes, fly out to the room's corners, unraveling the bed and exposing it as a place of disturbance and disorientation.
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